As a 30 something female that is juggling a full time job, study, community service and a pending pregnancy I have ironically been frantically researching about a better way to live. After living with a ongoing slight anxiety over dealing with “life” I’m actively looking at all options.

I don’t mean a 12 week health challenge to loose 5-10kg, buying a few exercise DVDs for home, buying a juicer, I mean a completely new way to live that gives me not only a healthier physical body but also giving myself the best chance to have more clarity in my life and setting time aside to have some “me time” even if it was only an hour a week.

Yoga is a ancient mind- body system of well being which originated in India. What I really adore about the Yoga community it’s oh so positive, it focuses on gratitude, happiness, empowerment and a kind daily basis reminder that you have the power to change ( just about) anything you don’t enjoy in life and as the wise Dalai Lama says, “Happiness is the highest form of health”

I believe I’m half way there already, my core beliefs are very similar to the men and women in the Yoga community and I’ve attended the odd Yoga and Pilates class but never taken it to the next level and taken regular, positive action to improve my mental clarity. Pilates is based on strengthening the core, but I’m looking for something deeper.
I’ve never opened myself to create a regular relationship with a Yoga teacher.

Honestly, the thing that has been off putting is, I was about 100kg, with a very bad back and the odd yoga class didn’t really “do”much- it hurt, I felt awkward, I was pretty intimidated by all of the fit women around me and most of all I didn’t fully commit to regular classes.

Now after I’ve sorted out the physical side and lost 30kg, so my back isn’t so painful carrying around all of that extra weigh, it’s now time to focus on the inside. We must all remember, “Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one sip tarts to be a beginner.” I wish I started a year ago, imagine if I had continued with weekly classes over the past 12 months while I lost my weight. I could be a remarkable women of Zen, calm and peacefullness. So when is the 2nd best time to start? Now.

So I’ve purchased my own yoga matt, some of the worlds most comfortable leggings and I’m committing to 2-3 yoga classes a week- I even purchased a 8 week pass and I have a feeling that my physical and mental state will improve by attending these classes with the delightful yoga teacher, Miss Devine Star. No more Sunday classes, it’s time to ramp it up to a more regular time slot!

It’s time for new beginnings, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions that will result in new results.

I really liked a photo I saw on a Yoga community Facebook post while researching this topic, Yoga is a everyday practice to be your best self.


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