Shiny new things! Bring on the Dopamine.

Isn’t it fascinating how consuming makes us feel, bouncy and in a pretty good mood. Even just for the short term and how can we have these feelings without spending the cash?

You’ve probably known about dopamine before, and its effects on the brain. The feel good chemistry…. Linked to sex, a new relationship, lust, love, a new hair cut, presents or simply a new set of freshly painted nails!

So it’s really the “shiny new stuff” that gives us the high, not so much the actual consuming. The handing over of the credit card, handing over the cold hard cash or signing the loan documents- it’s rather the new stuff physically in your hand that gives you the feel good vibes!

This week, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a brand new car. I’ve been consuming quiet a lot over the last few months since according to my “My Pregnancy” App on my iPhone, today I was technically 6 months pregnant and I’ve been preparing for babies arrival since the moment I knew I had conceived.

Prams, cot & cot sheets, clothes, baby bouncers, baby wipes, some nappies.. Yes many hours of scrolling on the iPhone on Gumtree searching for bargains!

So today, I was in a pretty good mood. I was thinking, “oh yeah, I’ve got this”. Wearing my new purchased blue and green yoga outfit, my purple fancy thongs ( shoes not gstrings!) I drove down our brand new main street in our small city, with storm clouds covering the sky that was quiet delightful in the December heat. As I park the car, I look around and the Christmas tree was up, it was spitting rain, my brand new- only-driven-100km-matching- my-outfit-blue car was pretty awesome and I was about to attend my first 11am Yoga class in a month or so.

I missed Monday’s Yoga class as I was purchasing my new car on Monday so after my inspiring Yoga post last weekend I flopped- yet had a pretty good excuse!

Anyway, for a moment I was feeling pretty awesome with my life. It was still quiet early in the morning so my “afternoon bubba belly had not popped out” so I’m looking pretty awesome for being 6 months pregnant, driving my new car and being all healthy n chilled attending a yoga class- I thought- gosh my life looks pretty awesome from the outside right now, but why is that? Or is that just me? Maybe I’m still a little high on life after picking up this new car and taking my first phone call from my dad asking what I’d like for Christmas.  Yes, I was rather impressed to take the call from my car Bluetooth- yes such a cool novelty for me after driving a 10 year old Ford!

Or maybe I felt so good after that awkward moment when I arrived 1.5 hours early for my yoga class that same morning and I then ran across the road to the coffee shop and turned up soaked from the rain and ordered a Latte and yummy fruit salad. While I was  waiting for my coffee, I reckon a bloke was chatting me up! I could just tell in his eyes. That made me laugh so much. It’s been a while! First he thought I’d gone for a run. ” No, I just turned up early for a yoga class and got drenched in the rain” This look does not include any type of sweat or glowing from running! I ran across the road, does that count?

Secondly, he asked what I was doing over “Chrissy” and I explained I was staying here, but normally went to Tassie, that quickly moved to the subject of the weather and how it was incredibly hot “Down South” in Adelaide and Melbourne. A bloke had apparently died from working outside, just like this tradie. Tough gig!

Thirdly, he noticed I was pretty scattered after I kept sitting there for about 30 seconds after receiving my coffee, then clearl noticed I didn’t need to wait any longer. “Did you have a big night on the town last night?” Umm, no. I recall restraining myself from going to lay on my bed just before 8pm as I knew I’d have trouble sleeping later in the night. Talk about buggered on a Friday night! I bit my tongue and didn’t tell him that it was a good chance of being “baby brain” since I was actually 6 months pregnant. But he wouldn’t had noticed that I was pregnant due to me sitting at the same table and hiding my bubba tummy.

This was just the new me, vague, questionable and many times throughout the day wondering… “What the hell am I meant to be doing right now?” apparently you don’t get your pre baby brain back for a while either. Oh joy, this is going to be fun.

So between the highs of buying a brand new car, getting maybe chatted up for the first time in a while, reaching the 6 month pregnant milestone and actually succeeding in attending my first Yoga class in months- some silly thing within me was pretty proud of myself.

Purhaps with the pending full moon this was another mood enhancing day that I should just be grateful that I had, after a few days of some pretty serious down moments that I blamed on the hormones and the mixture of the stress of making some pretty big financial decisions in my book.

Yeah for the magical moments and brain chemistry of feel good vibes that consuming and reaching your goals can give you.

I guess it’s our outlook on life that really impacts on our moods. If you get up every morning going out of your way to look at all of the negatives in life you are going to be pretty miserable in life. Depends how well you know yourself- if you know that a good massage, try to the hair dressers for a spruce up, a class at the gym to get the endorphins flowing, or some lunch with a good mate to have a yarn.. You could help yourself in bouncing back from a low or stressful couple of days.

The Christmas period can be quiet stressful, you can choose to allow it to consume you or pace yourself and don’t feel bad if you need to say no to someone or something. Please try to do a self check in and if you notice your mood changing, do what I subconsciously do.

First look up at the moon and check where it is in the cycle. ( The moon really does rattle me!)

Think about what’s happening in your life and don’t be too hard on yourself. Write it down if it helps. Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for and then do something for yourself, or someone else. Depends what motivates you into a good mood- everyone reacts differently. If this doesn’t work, reach out to a family member, friend or a professional.

Did I say my colour matching Buggaboo pram fits perfectly in my car boot.  Yeah, I’m so on my way to appearing I’ve got this new life as mummy sorted! 😉



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