Are holidays a priority, if not why not?

I’ve had such a very blessed life, of course I’ve created it myself but I’ve had a bloody good run.

I had a bit of a slow start with the want to travel as I bought a property at 18 and was locked into a mortgage for a few years and didn’t value travel as I now know it. I was driven my material possessions then lost the lot in a bitter divorce and some unsavoury life choices in my early 20s. But that’s what life is all about isn’t it. Living and learning.

When I was 2o, I went on my first overseas trip to New Zealand, that really showed how much I loved my comfort zone! Beautiful landscapes but how boring on the cultural front! I had a pretty bad flu and the most active thing I did in that week was hire some bicycles and rode to the cemetery to learn some history about the local area. The other thing I really enjoyed was watching the local TV. They really embraced their indigenous culture, so much better than in Oz, well this was back in 1999. We have improved but back then I was pretty impressed with how many indigenous people was on the telly in New Zealand, compared to Australia.

Yes, my travel partner and I was pretty conservative at the time! Luckily many of us evolve and some lucky people branch out and say YES to international travel.

After returning from New Zealand, I didn’t travel internationally for a few years. However, I still adore jumping on a plane, regularly darting around my own country. Travel within Australia is brutally expensive. Especially living remote in the Northern Territory, the upside of that it’s cheaper to visit Asia than Tasmania.

I assume what contributes to this is our small population. It doesn’t help in the economics of our travel industry, and making travel a priority. Yet, I was always darting around the capital cities as much as I could visiting family, friends and having time out as much as I could.

Then in about 2009 I went to India for a month and adored it! I was terrible in learning the language, looking back quiet disrespectful not learning many sentences at all, relying on my English speaking friends to translate. The culture shock us huge, and it opened up my life to a world of international travel.

I was hooked! The next year I went to on a plane again. I had the opportunity to go overseas in for a World AIDS conference in Austria and my world opened up! Whenever I travel, I try to experience the real life of the country. I hardly stay in hotels, and network heavily to have contacts in the country I’m visiting. I wanted the authentic experience and sit down with families at their dinner table.

Then I went to America for a month and fell in love with San Fransisco. I attended a film festival and travelled with a awesome group of people and met the most amazing activists. I fell in love with the rainbows, the drug law reform, ( I stayed with many if the original activists) the history, The dog friendly public transport and supermarkets and the overall vibe of the place… Take me back to San Fransisco!

Since then, I’ve been to Vanuatu, Singapore, Philippines and Bali. Some places you just need to visit when you live in Darwin. So close to our Asian neighbours.. Why wouldn’t you go and explore, even for a long weekend!

I have another trip booked to Bali in early February.. This unborn child of mine will definitely need a decent sized passport if I get my way! 2 overseas trips and visiting at least 3 states of Australia while he is in my womb. Great start I reckon!

Not to mention a multiple times I’ve travelled to Tasmania from Darwin, each year I’ve lived here. The most breathtaking scenery  you could see in Australia. It’s where my parents live and of course I live as far away as possible in tropical paradise because I can’t stand the cold. Rather my body dislikes the cold. My bones ache, my back plays up, I get stiff and sore..don’t mention the hay fever!

Im at a time in my life that I’m regretting not purchasing property and panicking about my future. I’m such a hippy deep inside, so owning a big block of land living as sustainable as possible.

So what is the dream? Living in the middle of nowhere, not needing to commute to work back and forth every day, just networking constantly online, assisting people to improve their lives and traveling around the world would be ideal with my child.. Yeah, of course it is you say. But that’s the goal, and you know what.. I’m going to be working towards that. Without saying too much, too soon.. I’m happy with what I’m doing in the background to create this before I’m 38.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful life to remind people about the magick of travel. The importance of creating memories. The important of work life balance and to take your holidays and move outside of your comfort zone. Because afterwards, you can look back at your life and have either no or a limited amount of regrets.

If you have any positive stories of traveling, mixing business with motherhood and creating success and most importantly happiness.. Feel free to contact me on Instagram Ms_Sanna_Darwin




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