Bittersweet Boxing Day

As Boxing Day 2015 starts, I drive to the supermarket at 7.30am aiming to beat any of the “Boxing Day” rush and I have succeeded in that department! I beat the rush, got my all bran cereal, coffee and fresh peaches while hardly a soul in site. brilliant, I have a feeling it’s the beginning of a good day!

Then I head home and turn on the news, I didn’t turn on the TV yesterday on purpose, trying to not do that very much. Australia has woken to the horrific news that yesterday on Christmas Day 2015, about 50 houses have been lost in Victoria, in a tourist area along the beautiful Great Ocean Road here in Australia. Why did I turn on the TV, the news is getting more and more depressing.
On Christmas Day over 300 firefighters, 17 aircraft battled the blaze and apparently it’s still not under control, today on Boxing Day, lets hope the rain puts all of the fires out so we don’t loose any more homes. At this stage there are no reports of loss of life, however the odds that there will be people found in cars, swimming pools or in homes is very likely. Only a matter of time.

Yet again, many people spent the day using their skills to assist other people in their community and surrounding communities and attempting to save their belongings. Right now, many people will be dealing with the emotional toll of losing homes, animals belongings and then there is the clean up and trying to rebuild lives. Not to forget, huge amounts have land has been burnt to the ground and even though there is rain, strong winds are making it difficult for firefighters
Some lifetimes of belonging will be up in smoke, burnt to the count, yet it’s the memories that thousands of families that have spent countless holidays by the sea that is most heartbreaking, because memories are the real priceless things in life.
This is a harsh reminder how many of us collect so many “things” and “stuff” and focus on working.. Even working more than they are required to: spending time away from their families and impressing many people that we don’t even truly care about.

As I watch an episode of the Simpsons, you know the one where Springfield is sold a monorail by the capitalist and instead of investing in the towns basics such as roads, rubbish and social infrastructure it’s been ripped off by the people trying to make a quick buck, and it’s mixed with all of the Boxing Day Sales advertisements trying to get us to continue consuming.. I let out a big sigh and I’m quiet embarrassed about the world we live in.

Yet at the same time, I’ve started writing blogs and aim to turn this hobby into another stream of income, not to buy more consumables: I’m looking for an extra stream of income that can assist in me continuing to travel the world, even a few weeks a year. I will take my holidays, and if it all goes well.. Will be having a lot more holidays. Holidays are memory makers.. That’s why I adore them.

Yes, I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, I did just buy my very first brand new car only last week…. But it’s a very average hatch back, 5 star safety rating, more fuel efficient, and did I tell you how big my boot is! It will fit in the pram and I’ll be able to change the nappies of my child in the boot, and that’s with the pram in the boot! Jokes aside, it was for the safety of my son.. And I only own one car…not 5!

Sometimes I get depressed that I don’t own any houses or land, I choose to travel the world instead, and eat yummy food surrounded by good company: there isn’t a better feeling!

Actually, to be completely blunt, something that pumps me up is supporting strong women succeed. Today is the Australian launch of the movie, SUFFRAGETTE about the start of the Feminist movement in the UK, about the women who lobbied for women to have the right to vote. Even when some of their sisters thought they were mad, thought they would fail, thought it was not worth the effort.

It’s always worth the effort, even for the life experience, for the lessons learnt you learn along the way and the people you meet who may become lifelong friends or only in your life for a small amount of time. It all counts. So I’m determined to Get off the couch, turn off the idiot box and be allot more productive, for my soul and not for anyone else! ( except my son, nothing else is number 1)

Stay safe in these holiday seasons, your family and friends want you around, want you near and want you to be present. Blessed be!

Photo courtesy of GA 2015.



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