Christmas Food for the tiny tummies!

It’s Christmas Eve and I had a office champagne breakfast this morning, a BBQ on the balcony and for a moment I forgot I was a sleeved women and I ate my entire piece of bread, beautifully cooked runny egg from the BBQ and lightly cooked bacon. No champagne, no mushrooms or tomato- just 3 small pieces of food together with only a strategically timed half a cup of organge juice 20 minutes before consuming the tucker.

Only sleevers will know why I had to drink that cup of orange juice nearly half an hour before and they will only know what happened next after I ate that toast n egg, even 1 year after surgery. Yup, for only about the 3rd time in 12 months- it came back up again, about 5 minutes after. Or maybe it was the fact I’m really over eggs, no matter how they are cooked!

Just a few more slow chews, and only another 5 minutes or so of eating bite size meal slowly and it would had been all good!

Sometimes we still have moments of weakness and just have that extra spoonful or mouthful  of food a little too quick and it’s crossed the line!

The optimist I am, I’m actually really grateful that this happening today, it’s a great reminder for tomorrow when I go over to some friends house for Christmas lunch- your never going to be the same, don’t you forget it! Your tiny tummy has its on limits! Respect that!

As much as my hunger has actually come back in full force about 20 weeks ago, before that I enjoyed 7 months of no hunger. My pregnancy kick started my hunger again- and I’ll forgive my son for that!

Everyone is different, but my body is very good at giving me a warning system when I’m eating- I start to hick up. Some people start to sneeze, whatever your internal about to eat too much warning system is- Listen to it!  Okay, back to feeling hungry, either it’s in your head or its come back… All I can say, enjoy it while it’s not there!  No physical hungry was a blessing, the second best parts of having a gastric sleeve, apart from having a tiny tummy.

That’s right- no physical hunger feelings, after my gastric sleeve other than the odd head hunger that was only my mind playing tricks on me, generally when I was bored and old habits where entering mind. You know the ones, when you can’t find anything interesting on the TV, you are too tired to study, your home alone and about 8pm at night and you walk over to the refrigerator and you open up the door and… You stare at the fridge wondering what you felt like to eat.

Any sleever will be aware of the typical products in the fridge when you open it up, especially in the first year of being sleeved.     A dozen of eggs,  Many bottles of pre made bottles of protein shake, one in particular half drank because you were too full to finish it and only drank half of it, many tiny yogurts, maybe a sneaky chocolate custard just to be naughty, portions of cheese to snack on, tins of tuna, bags of nuts n sultanas to nibble on throughout the day and did I say chicken? Oh my, am I still scared from my obsession of eating protein and the scary amount of chicken breast, grilled that I consumed after I started eating solids. In teeny tiny nibble bits.

I must say, in August about 8.5 months after I was sleeved and I started craving steak.. I really enjoyed my tiny piece of steak after not eating any red meat for over 6 months. To ensure I’m getting in enough iron in my pregnancy I must admit to drinking more than average amount of Milo as it would assist in my sugar cravings!

As a pregnant sleeved women, I’ve had to pay particular attention to my diet and water intake. My day normally goes like this:

Wake up. Pee.

Have a glass of orange juice and my vitamins.


Half hour later have either a piece of toast, a crumpet, or piece of fruit.

Pee again.

Make a protein shake or smoothie to sip on for about an hour, including driving to work.

Get to work, pee again.

Order a small cup of coffee. Pee.

Then try to fit in a glass of water before needing to wait about 20-30 minutes before I try to eat morning tea, like a cup of soup, yogurt, or some chicken or egg.

Pee again.

Then morning drinking of various fluids, getting full from water so I’ve been having a hard time consuming enough food.

For lunch if I’m lazy or not prepared enough I go across to the deli and buy a wrap with only a couple of ingredients ( such as egg n lettuce,  ham & cheese, chicken beetroot & carrot) since I’ll only eat 1/4 to 1/2 of it anyway!  I’m going out of my way to introduce whole,eat bread back into my diet after not eating it for over 6 months, I might not appreciate carbs but my growing baby boy deserves the effort!)

More of the drinking of water, peeing, then snacking on nuts, fruit and having bites of my left over lunch and tins of tuna.

Wow, I’m actually chuckling… Gosh, I only WISH that was my daily food diary was that realistic!

Maybe 2-3 days out of 5 my days actually look remotely like that. Depending on my level of organisation, amount of 1-2 hour meetings and have hard core my sugar cravings are.

This very moment I’m snacking on Apricot Delights.. Those square of apricot covered in way too much sugar! Better than eating on all of those tiny pieces of Caburys Favourite Cholcates in my fridge or the Maccas self serve ice creams still in my freezer for an “emergency” … Pregnancy sugar cravings are intense, embrace Milo- it’s good for Iron intake, I keep saying to myself.

I also forgot to write, with passion about my 1 store bought coffee a day that I just have to consume each and every morning before 9am! God dam it, that fills me up too! Don’t even ask me about the ramifications of having a LARGE coffee! Puts my eating plans right put the window.

So what has been happening if I don’t consume enough fuel for my rapidly expanding body? Since being pregnant I have had a lot more light dizzy spells, fatigue and too the point of my hands shaking as much blood sugar level drops way too low, normally if I’ve been stuck in a unventilated office for more than a hour with only a glass or water if I’m lucky.

Last week, I was in a meeting representing a client and it was over an hour, and before my morning coffee, and I got to the stage of ‘whoa I’m going downhill fast, give me some sugar!” that I had to casually lean into my hand bag and pull out some snacks of dried fruit to nibble on as I could feel my blood sugar dropping. Probably, bloody unprofessional but at that stage I didn’t care.

For the un sleeved people reading this blog, or people who are considering having a gastric sleeve operation I highly recommend it, if you have dealt with any psychological aspects around over eating. The toughest parts that not only affected me but my friends around me was, not eating 3 meals a day anymore, eating very slowly, so it made the other people I ate with very uncomfortable as maybe it got the, questioning why where they always shoving food into their mouth so quickly, and the adjustment of not being able to drink with your food. The amount of events and social outings I took for granted, where we drank some wine or champagne while eating either fried chicken, fried seafood, fried wedges or any other pub food after work on a Friday. How did I overcome this? I strategically timed everything and shared my food while at the same time buying only entree’ sizes, or my favourite was buying half a dozen of oysters.     ( full of protein but stay away from any with creamy textures)

So this Christmas, I’d recommend time your water intake, have a glass of champagne about half hour before you plan to eat, have a glass in front of you to at least feel like you are fitting in, chew all your food, enjoy the fresh seafood, if you are lucky enough to have some, remember quality not quantity into your tiny tummy and if you must have a “taste” of the Christmas Pudding/ cake,  have some custard..  But don’t get caught out like I did a few weeks back… having a little plate of cake n custard and even after having hick ups, continuing then …. Well you know what happens when you overeat. Slowly, slowly!

Enjoy your holiday season, be aware of your restrictions, but don’t let them really get in the way.. everything in moderation, stay away from the fried food and listen to your body.

I’m not an expert on this, just a women blogging about my experience of being a newly sleeved person now pregnant and attempting to enjoy my 2nd Christmas, even though no champagne or oysters will be on the cards!

Happy Holidays and drive safe!